Why Groom?

Why Groom?Top Hat n Tails Dog Grooming


pawz1small  Well being and Health

Home grooming sessions bring you and your dog closer together. Dogs come to enjoy the attention, while brushing out promotes circulation, frees the coat of debris and loosens tangles, reducing the risk of matts.  Regular grooming also aids familiarity with your dog’s body, making it easier to spot changes as time goes by.


pawz1small  Getting Started

It’s a good idea to start early, ideally when still a puppy, quietly building up familiarity with the process and equipment.  Whenever you are able to begin, aim for a regular time and start with short sessions;  don’t surprise the dog, show them the brush and  use gentle strokes, starting at the shoulder.  Leave other equipment for later, after more practice.


pawz1small  Style

In addition to home grooming, a session with Top Hat n Tails can help when coat growth becomes explosive, when a particular style needs renewing or to try a new trim style.


pawz1small  Healthy Coat Growth

Groomer sessions at regular intervals help keep on top of coat growth and style, through seasonal challenges of hot or wet weather, and can provide a sounding-board for discussion.  If any cause for concern is identified, Top Hat n Tails will always advise checking with the vet.