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pawz1small  Your Dog’s Requirements

Do spare time for a brief chat when contacting Top Hat n Tails, especially for the first time.  It’s important to establish a clear picture of requirements for the dog’s welfare, and for its styling.

Dog Grooming at Top Hat n Tails

pawz1small  Discussing your Dog’s Needs

If your dog has arthritis, for example, it will need to move gently and at frequent intervals during a grooming session.   And, like any trip to the hairdresser, it’s important to discuss the desired effect – how short is “short”?  A picture can often help.

Top Hat n Tails Dog Grooming in Sancreed

pawz1small  Health Check

Top Hat n Tails grooming sessions begin with a general health check and any issues noted will be drawn to your attention.   Please mention whether your dog is:

– taking prescribed medicines,

– diagnosed with a condition eg diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, or

– prone to fitting, breathing difficulties or stress reactions.

If so then arrangements may include frequent breaks for drinking water and the toilet, or to give their own food at a particular time.  If your dog or bitch has sensitivities, behavioural ‘flash points’ (eg hates water) or may be coming into season, mention this too.

And if your dog does have mobility problems, is post-operative or overweight then lifting may not be appropriate; please discuss the alternatives.

Top Hat n Tails Dog Grooming

pawz1small  Natural Benefits

Brushing out, hand-stripping, bathing, clipping and styling will follow as required.  A range of natural, sensitive and colour-specific shampoos are available, together with gentle conditioning rinses.

Please note – a wet dog will likely need to be bathed and dried, before further grooming can be carried out. 

Top Hat n Tails Dog Grooming

pawz1small  Dealing with Matts

Doggy dogs collect mud, grit and vegetation while out and about.  Tiny bits of debris are easy to miss, even in daily home grooming.  Debris which becomes embedded can cause painful matts to develop.

There is a short Top Hat n Tails Customer Record Card to complete, giving details such as your contact numbers and any known medical conditions.  This notes that Top Hat n Tails will remove matts wherever possible.  Any matts will be addressed before bathing.


pawz1small  Further Issues

External ear surfaces, the meatus, will be cleaned – outside of the ear cavity – unless you request no treatment in this area.

Nails can be clipped as part of a grooming session.  They will be addressed after bathing, where required.

Customers are referred to their vet for teeth scaling and anal gland expression.  This is Top Hat n Tails’ response to advice published after a review by the British Dog Groomers’ Association, which consulted organisations including the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Source: Pet Industry Federation, 2013.   Guidance for Groomers on Procedures [online].  Available at [26/6/15].


pawz1small  Pricing

Charges will vary with factors including the services required, the size of the dog, coat type and condition, as well as location.   A guide price can be given over the phone.